About Me

A Poorstudent

(Poor is an adjective related to a state of poverty, low quality or pity. source: Wikipedia)

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(1996) I attended St. Xavier's College in Kolkata, India for a degree in Bachelor's Degree in Commerce.

(1998) Later I came to the US at University of Nevada, Reno, to study Business and Computer Information Systems. During that time I worked at the Office of International Students and Scholars. I was active at the International Students Club.

(2002) I worked for a few start-ups in Reno. For example a Commodity trading firm where I worked as a Web Developer (ASP) and a general IT professional. After which I started working for a small software company in Reno (PerTrac). Working as a Jr. Software Developer for large scale investments. It was written in VB6 and worked with Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server. The Clients of this company included the investment divisions of Bank of America, Swiss Bank of Zurich, Deutsche Bank etc.

(2004) From there I moved to Seattle and went to work for Microsoft in Redmond, WA. I worked as a Production Support Operations Engineer for MSSales. There I worked on keeping a farm of SQL Servers up and running. Most of the Servers were for the load balanced MSSales Web/Excel Applications. A small percentage were separated for the adhoc queries for some users. To manage a part of the various duties of a person on-call, I wrote a web application (ASP) to manage Windows Server share access and SQL Server access for various users in the Organization. I contributed to White papers for MSDN and wrote SQL Scripts to manage SQL Server Load Balancing and pager duty for all the Engineers on-call.

(2006) After that I joined Cole & Weber an Ad Agency, as Sr. Development Engineer. I designed and built a Reporting and Administration application to manage all the clients of Cole & Weber who subscribe their lead-generation service. Implemented SQL Server Mirroring for High-Availability for the reporting platform. Created on-call procedures and schedules to manage round the clock web traffic. I mentored Jr. Developers on how to design and implement software for long term and high availability.

(2008) I joined SMITH (formerly Ascentium) another Ad Agency as Sr. Software Design Engineer. There I worked as a consultant and developer building Line of Business Applications of a myriad of clients on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform.

(2009) After Ascentium I switched gears to join a tiny start up in Seattle. Billing Revolution aka Buck, a payment platform for mobile payments. I built the Reporting platform for high availability on SQL Server and ASP.NET. After which I architected and built the second generation of the payment platform on Microsoft WCF services, Microsoft MVC and SQL Server. The Platform was architected for a Microservices Architecture. I built an abstraction layer into the services to handle Load balancing for any number of SQL Server databases and Servers. Built an Android Application to test out the platform from end-to-end. The platform was PCI level 1 Certified so we could handle PCI data in a safe manner. After the platform was completed, I built a team of Engineers and Leads to develop and maintain the platform to support the various clients requests and departments at Buck. Implemented an Agile development release cadence so business value is quickly realized and the feedback cycle is quick.

(2013) Lighter Capital was my opportunity next. As a Principal Engineer I architected and built a Loan Application web app, using Microsoft MVC and PostgreSQL backend. The Web App, integrated with Intuit's Quickbooks online API, the SalesForce API and the LinkedIn APIs to gather data about the loan applicants and with the applicants having to fill out too much information about their financial, social and customer data. The Web Application also handles hand built or Quickbooks built Financial Statements that can be uploaded parsed and analyzed for underwriting purposes.

(2015) Nordstrom is currently a unique opportunity to solve some real world problems I couldn't miss. I work for the Store Technology Department, which handles the POS software for all the stores Nordstrom has (~400 by 2020). I came in to build a team of Engineers to build a new breed of POS software using Service Oriented Architecture and Microservices. Moving applications to the cloud, writing scalable software that can scale down from the Cloud to store servers and eventually Registers in the same architecture is quite a challenge and I wasn't willing to give it up. I needed to choose OS agnostic technologies to run on AWS, Stores and registers the architecture is able to accomplish just that. In addition to architecting and course correcting engineering teams specially in technology I help the Engineering managers keep the team morale up, by finding creative ways to accomplish our business goals and hunting down the best micro-brews in Seattle.

In my free time, I listen Science Fiction Audio Books and during the summer I ride by motorcycle (Kawasaki 600 ZZR).