Efficiency is not the norm in an organization, stability is.


When one door closes another opens.
You should look for the other door though...


When you are wondering if you are overweight?
Note if any of your body parts jiggle when you walk?


Whats the purpose of men's shorts that almost reach the ankle (capri pants). I think they could afford the couple more dollars it takes to buy the complete pants, that reach the ankles and they wouldn't look like children wearing Daddy's shorts.


Whats the purpose of mini-skirts. Ladies, if you don't want to be ogled, don't wear mini-skirts. If you are parents and let your children wear mini-skirts, think about what message you are sending to your kids and the kids of that generation.


So men's shorts are getting longer and women's skirts are getting smaller, don't get me wrong I would much rather have women wear shorts, than men wear short shorts, but what is the purpose of this trend, I dont get it.


Everyone should experience dire financial situations early in their life, to understand what poor people go through.


Everyone should learn how to ride a motorcycle, small or big, and experience riding on city streets before they are allowed to have drivers licenses for cars.


Everyone should experience some sort of boot-camp early in their life, to understand discipline and appreciate their current life.

Natural Tears:

Whose tears are in our natural tear products like Vizine?
Who is crying into tiny little bottles or are they crying in larger bottles in bulk, how bad are these people's lives that they actually cry buckets.

Telling them apart:

The next person who complains about how people have problems telling the difference between Australians and Brits, can they can tell the difference between: Nigerians, Ethiopians, Ugandans. How about between the Chinese, Japanese, Koreans? What about the Indians, Pakistanis, Sri-Lankans? Can they tell the difference between Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Cubans.